Rug Cleaning Lacey

Your rugs are a very important part of your home. They can protect wood floors and tile, and provide the only kind of decoration that you can put on the floor aside from getting patterned carpet or painting it. Area rugs are exceptionally popular because they can cover large expanses, and they are very convenient. They are also expensive and should last a long time. Have you noticed the color fading from your rugs, and no matter how many times you vacuum them, they don’t brighten up like the used to?

Having a dingy rug is very unappealing against shining wooden floors and tile floors that nearly sparkle from cleanliness and you may be starting to consider replacing your rug. Before you do, you should consider cleaning your rug; not just a vacuuming, but a deep clean that only professional rug cleaning can get you. Perhaps your rug isn’t worn out; it may just be suffering from all of the dust and debris that has been ground deeply into it from the years of not being shampooed and professionally cleaned. Before you have to spend a considerable amount of money on getting new rugs, consider letting us take care of your rug and give it some love and care. Our rug cleaning experts will do all that they can to return your rug to its former glory?

 Rug Cleaning Service

You may be thinking, “I don’t have time in my busy schedule to worry about my rugs!” Fear not, our services require very little time and effort. We can either have our skilled rug cleaning technicians come to your house and clean your rugs at whatever time works for you, or we can come and pick your rug up, clean it and drop it off again. These transportations will have no cost to you, making this an effective and very easy way to get your rugs cleaned, even with the busiest of schedules.


We can service a rug of nearly any type. Whether your rug happens to be a rug made of synthetic fibers, Japanese silk or an antique Persian rug, we will be able to breathe new life into it. We use organic and environmentally friendly rug cleaning solutions, so fear not for your rug’s life. These solutions are gentle yet thorough and make your rugs once again beautiful and as good as new. Getting the dirt and residues left from other cleaning solutions makes such a huge difference. Our process of cleaning and the ingredients we use restores your rugs up to ninety-nine percent of their original beauty and can make them look almost like new. What are you waiting for? Get you rug cleaned! Call Carpet Cleaning Lacey today!


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